Working together to end the kitten crisis.

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Don't miss the video below!

COVID-19 has closed our high-volume clinic until further notice. We still need your support!

Our hope is that as soon as personal protective equipment and supplies are available again, we will be able to resume our critical work.

More than 3,600 felines came into our municipal shelter, Tulsa Animal Welfare, in 2019. Most of these were kittens whose births could have been prevented by spay or neuter.

More than half of all cats coming into the shelter die or are euthanized to make space for more coming in.

Currently, the shelter does not "pick up" or trap cats. Any cats/kittens coming into the shelter are brought in by citizens.

Truly, most of these kittens are brought in by well-meaning people, thinking they were doing the right thing removing them from their outdoor homes to bring them to the shelter. But no shelter is big enough to house and care for this many cats, especially those needing neonatal and special care and with a never-ending intake!

At one point last summer, our shelter was getting in as many as 100 kittens each week!!

AGAIN, that’s 3,600 cats and kittens filling up our shelter, costing tax dollars... so many of them dying there, by natural causes or euthanasia……. Doesn’t slowing the birth rate make more sense?!!

NOW is the time to commit to ending this cycle!

Happily, the more than 3,000 cats that will have gone through our program since 2017 will not be reproducing ever again and can live without the stress and danger of reproduction and breeding behaviors. Your financial support has made this possible.

Your partnership is the key to stopping the killing of cats and kittens in Tulsa.

Consider giving a recurring monthly or quarterly gift so that we can plan for funds to be available year round!

We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization and every dollar goes toward making the lives of the cats and our neighborhoods healthier!

T-Town TNR works year around to spay and neuter as many free-roaming or community cats as possible to avoid the kitten explosion that began this year in late February. This means trapping on cold, bitter days and nights to improve the lives and health of Tulsa's community cats. Our team is dedicated and we have colony caregivers enthusiastic about caring for their colonies. Please watch this video to better understand how T-Town TNR impacts your community.


T-Town TNR is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is eligible for most corporate matching gifts.